EasyWP’s 7th birthday: revolutionizing WordPress hosting

EasyWP’s 7th birthday: revolutionizing WordPress hosting

As of 2024, there are almost 2 billion websites on the web. Of those, over 800 million use WordPress. While originally created as a blog publishing tool, its relative ease of use and excellent flexibility have fuelled its dominance in the CMS (Content Management System) world. However, for the non-tech savvy, the early days of WordPress were daunting. Whether it was setting up a server, configuring databases, or maintaining security updates, more than a few heads were spun.

Then, seven years ago on May 31, EasyWP entered the arena with a revolutionary vision: to make WordPress a platform for everyone. Regardless of technical background (or budget), EasyWP promised a smooth and streamlined experience, allowing website owners to focus on the basics – excellent content on a great looking website.

And it’s this commitment to user-friendliness that’s the cornerstone of EasyWP to this day. From our practical blog posts to our ongoing initiatives like “Reboot My Site“, the EasyWP Telegram channel, and our monthly newsletter, EasyWP empowers you to build a website that’s about more than the bare minimum.

So, to celebrate our 7th birthday, let’s look back at some of the innovative and diverse ways EasyWP has been making WordPress accessible to everyone. 

Our key milestones: The EasyWP train hasn’t stopped

This year we launched Cloud Infrastructure 2.0 – a complete overhaul designed to make your website stronger, faster, and even more reliable.

Cloud Infrastructure 2.0 is built on a super-charged cloud platform that can handle even the biggest bursts of visitors. This means your site will load lightning-fast, no matter how much traffic it gets.

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Here’s what Cloud Infrastructure 2.0 brings to the table:

  • Stronger security – The new infrastructure is designed to be stronger against DDoS attacks, keeping your website safe and operational.
  • Slicker speeds – Experience significantly faster loading times thanks to upgraded storage and improved databases. Our tests show websites can be up to 44% faster!
  • Better backups – Backups are now quicker and stored separately from your website’s data, freeing up valuable disk space on your account.
  • Plenty of plugins – We opened access to many previously blocked plugins, giving you greater flexibility to customize your website.

The triumphant return of Reboot My Site

Back in 2022, we launched Reboot My Site in partnership with Brizy, an innovative no-code web builder — picking 3 winners to have their websites transformed. Then in 2023, we launched a second round, selecting 4 winners. But what’s it all about?

Reboot My Site is an initiative born out of our commitment to support small businesses by providing them with a modern website makeover. We collaborated with Brizy Website Builder to help expand their reach and connect with more customers.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Website submissions — EasyWP users submitted their website URL with a few details about their goals and aspirations.
  2. Expert makeover – Our team of professional web designers, SEO experts, copywriters, and developers combed through the site of four lucky winners and identified areas for improvement.
  3. Personalized guidance – We provided not only a stunning makeover but also clear steps and resources to empower our users to learn and manage their websites going forward.

Watch how last year we created a brand new website for this world-class sound engineer and research writer. 

Currently, we’re working on a diverse and inspirational set of website redesigns, from a Hollywood director’s portfolio site to a workshop that empowers children to learn through music. We are not accepting new applications at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled for another launch in the future!

Brizy Website Builder Pro now free with Turbo and Supersonic EasyWP plans 

Building a website shouldn’t require a degree in coding. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Brizy Website Builder Pro is now included free with our Turbo and Supersonic plans. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Brizy lets you create gorgeous, professional-looking websites in no time, without entering one line of code.  

A screenshot of the Brizy website

By seamlessly integrating EasyWP’s lightning-fast hosting and Brizy’s user-friendliness, we’ve removed technical blockers for the less tech savvy and made website hosting and building accessible to all. Now our customers are free to build, manage, and publish their websites all in one place.

Delivering expert WordPress tips and insights

To help our users get the most from their sites, we’ve kept the EasyWP newsletter firing on all cylinders over the last 12 months.

A screenshot of the EasyWP email newsletter

Packed full of useful titbits, we’ve helped users to improve search rankings with WordPress SEO, offered insights into the best social media WordPress plugins, and shared our expert tips for implementing mobile-first design in WordPress.

Meet your new website protector: HackGuardian

We recently unveiled a brand-new security tool developed specifically for our EasyWP users: HackGuardian. This innovative tool takes a unique approach to safeguarding your WordPress website.

With HackGuardian, you can switch your WordPress file system to a partial, read-only mode, protecting it from unauthorized access while ensuring essential functions continue to operate smoothly. Users can still manage their media and run routine operations like creating backups or running maintenance mode.

Easily enabled from the EasyWP dashboard and tailor-made for industries like web development, content writing, graphic design, and e-commerce, HackGuardian makes your website safe for developers and visitors alike.

Watch our quick guide on how to protect your website with HackGuardian.

Launching our new Telegram channel

We’re thrilled with the recent launch of the official EasyWP Telegram channel. It’s your one-stop shop for staying connected to the EasyWP community and getting the most out of your WordPress experience. Join the conversation for exclusive updates, expert tips and tricks to manage your website like a pro, exciting announcements, and a chance to connect with fellow EasyWP users.

A screenshot of the EasyWP Telegram channel

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress pro or just getting started, our Telegram channel is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build and manage a successful website. It’s the perfect place to ask questions, share ideas, and stay in the loop about all things WordPress.

Join our Telegram channel today and make your WordPress journey easier.

Introducing Mynul: One of our most active Telegram followers!

We’re excited to introduce Mynul, one of our most active Telegram followers on the EasyWP Telegram channel. Mynul runs Patabahar, a Bangladeshi e-commerce store focused on plants and gardening. The EasyWP team recently got a chance to interview Mynul about his experience with our new Telegram channel. Here’s what he had to say.

Do you think it’s important for WordPress site owners to be part of the WordPress community, and why? 

“Yes! It’s great to interact with others in the community who are sharing their questions, and expertise or findings. It’s a lively environment. You get great ideas and solutions to implement and improve your project. The people behind the platform are also active in the community. This means you’re always getting access to the latest and greatest expert advice.”

You’re one of our most active Telegram followers! What do you love about our Telegram channel?  

“The relevancy. Whenever I see a message in the Telegram channel, it gives me the feeling that the people behind EasyWP know what they’re talking about. It’s a very engaging and enjoyable experience for me. I learn so much and can see that they really care about their users and the people on the channel. They also use polls and other strategies to find what stage users are in their WordPress journey and along with their main priorities. It’s a data-based – but very caring – approach. And that makes me love it so much!”

What future content would you like to see shared on our Telegram channel?

“This is a great question. Tips, polls, resources, guides, and support for responsive development in WordPress. Especially how one can make a responsive design from the beginning with the free plugin (Elementor) and built-in WordPress features. Also, how to customize any page’s various elements without sacrificing responsiveness.”

As well as gaining insights from Mynul about our Telegram channel, we also discussed his experience of using EasyWP…

What is your favorite EasyWP feature? 

“I would say compactness. When I purchased an EasyWP plan and got the dashboard, literally within a few clicks a WordPress site was ready. Whereas traditionally there were some confusing steps to set up a WordPress site. Various tools and settings are placed on the dashboard to make everything super accessible. It all makes for an excellent user experience and very fast site management.”

In what way does EasyWP allow you to expand your reach and strengthen your platform? 

“Creating a backup of the WordPress site from the EasyWP dashboard is quick and easy. This means I can refer to previous versions of my site before making changes, giving me the confidence to move forward. Great EasyWP articles on topics like WooCommerce and SEO are also perfect for finding useful information to implement onsite.”

What’s next for EasyWP?

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to support the WordPress community. Going forward, we’ll continue to experiment with new initiatives, making EasyWP accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Here are two exciting projects you can look forward to:

  1. The EasyWP team is hard at work integrating an anti-malware security scanning & cleanup tool, so you can proactively scan your website for malware and remove any threats.
  2. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy automatic updates to ensure your website is running on the latest and most secure versions of themes and plugins.

As we mark EasyWP’s seventh anniversary, we celebrate the evolution of WordPress hosting that benefits not just our users but anyone looking to simplify their online presence. With upgrades such as Cloud Infrastructure 2.0, our new security feature HackGuardian, and Brizy Website Builder now included in our Turbo and Supersonic plans, we’re dedicated to making website creation easy and manageable for all. 

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