The EasyWP Dispatch – Design secrets for your next site

The EasyWP Dispatch – Design secrets for your next site

Get ready for a jam-packed edition of EasyWP Dispatch! This week, we’re delving into the essentials of web design, exploring savvy payment solutions for small businesses, and uncovering a critical security issue for WordPress users. From practical design tips to alternative payment methods and crucial vulnerability fixes, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for the latest insights and top stories in this week’s dispatch!

Essential considerations for effective web design

Web design is a critical aspect of online presence, impacting customer engagement, brand perception, and business success. Understanding the principles of effective design, rooted in psychology and user-centricity, is paramount. WordPress designers must prioritize user goals, ensuring the website meets visitors’ needs and objectives. AllBusiness recently published an article covering the top 10 “secrets” you need to know before building your next site. 

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Contrary to common belief, quality web design doesn’t always necessitate exorbitant costs. Skilled designers exist across various price points, offering compelling design solutions. Moreover, the iterative nature of web design allows for extensive testing, and optimizing elements for improved performance. Leveraging project hosting services like GitHub facilitates version control and seamless updates throughout the redesign process. Check out the full list of secrets on

Small business payment solutions explored

Ensuring safe and convenient customer payment options is vital for small business success in today’s competitive market. Amidst various payment solutions available, the Namecheap Blog points out that it’s crucial to prioritize security and ease of use when selecting the right platform. For WordPress e-commerce sites, alternatives like Stripe, Clover, Square, Helcim, and Stax offer customizable solutions with minimal transaction fees and user-friendly interfaces. 

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Prolific content creators can also use platforms like Ko-fi and Patreon to receive donations or subscription payments quickly and efficiently, monetizing their content and effectively engaging with their audience. Ultimately, choosing the best payment solution involves considering transaction fees, pricing structure, customer service, and simplicity of use, ensuring a seamless payment experience for both businesses and their customers.

Critical vulnerability in Elementor plugin affects 2M+ sites

Security researchers have uncovered stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in the widely-used Essential Addons for Elementor WordPress plugin, impacting over 2 million websites. Search Engine Journal reports these vulnerabilities stem from inadequate sanitization and output escaping in two widgets within the plugin: the Countdown Widget and the Woo Product Carousel Widget. 

A man rides a security shield on a green background.

Exploiting these flaws, attackers can inject malicious scripts, potentially leading to the compromise of website visitor browsers and session cookies, enabling them to take control of the affected websites. Wordfence, in their advisory, highlights the necessity for users of versions up to 5.9.11 to upgrade immediately to version 5.9.13, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining plugin security.

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