The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress simplifies migration to Gutenberg

The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress simplifies migration to Gutenberg

Welcome to this week’s edition of The EasyWP Dispatch, our final news roundup for 2023. In today’s roundup, we’ll explore how WordPress is simplifying migrations from page builders to Gutenberg, discover the best U.S. states for web developers, and delve into insights from the State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report. Join us as we uncover valuable trends and news in the dynamic realm of web design and development. 

WordPress simplifies migration from page builders to Gutenberg

WordPress is taking steps to facilitate the migration of users away from commercial WordPress page builders like Divi and Elementor to its block-based editor, Gutenberg. While this move may seem controversial to some, Search Engine Journal observes it aligns with WordPress’s goal of providing users with a seamless and open web experience, allowing them to transition effortlessly between platforms. The Data Liberation project aims to make WordPress the default method for webpage creation by creating guides and tools for users to migrate from various page builders to Gutenberg. 

Arrows point to the WordPress logo from Elementor, Wix and Divi logos.

While some developers view this as challenging commercial page builders’ relevance in the WordPress ecosystem, others see it as a useful resource. WordPress is making it easier for users to transition, providing guides and migration tools for platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and more. This move signifies WordPress’s commitment to keeping openness at the forefront and simplifying the transition process for its users.

Best U.S. states for web developers revealed

According to recent research conducted by web design company Digital Silk, Washington takes the top spot as the best U.S. state for web developers. It boasts an impressive index score of 82.6/100, with the highest average base salary for web developers in the country at $138,780 per year. Additionally, it offers abundant web development job opportunities, with a score of 10/10 for the number of web development jobs per 1,000 residents, as reported by WRAL TechWire.

Virginia secures the second position with an index score of 67.4/100, thanks to its remote working opportunities and an average base salary of $101,060 for web developers, the second-highest in the nation. Maryland follows closely as the third-best state for web developers with an index score of 66.9/100. It excels in quality of life, which may be attributed to a significant percentage of its workforce working from home.

A table of web developer stats by U.S. state.
Image source: WRAL TechWire

While California, home to Silicon Valley, ranks fifth on the list, it surprisingly does not make it into the top three due to its high cost of living. The average web developer’s salary in California is $99,620, but living expenses are considerably high. This data sheds light on the best states for pursuing or continuing a career in web development, taking into account factors like salary, remote work opportunities, and quality of life.

Insights from the State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report

The “State of Enterprise WordPress 2023” report presents insights from over 100 enterprise brands worldwide, shedding light on how large-scale businesses utilize WordPress for their needs. Notable statistics from the report include:

  • Enterprise profile – The survey participants primarily consisted of organizations based in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (53%), followed by North America and Latin America (36%).
  • Duration of WordPress usage – 59% had been using WordPress for over 5 years.
  • Factors in choosing WordPress – Functionality (70%) was the most important factor, followed by extensibility, usability, performance, and scalability.
Pie chart of the results of a survey on which WordPress editor people use.
Image source:

The survey also delved into the ways enterprises use WordPress, with 40% primarily using the platform for on-site content production and news publishing, highlighting its evolution beyond its initial blogging function. Additionally, 80% of respondents found the Gutenberg block editor to facilitate easier content creation and publishing compared to the classic editor. 

Read the full State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report for a comprehensive view of how large enterprises are utilizing WordPress, their preferences, challenges, and the factors driving their decisions in 2023.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of The EasyWP Dispatch. If you found these insights valuable, be sure to delve into our archive of previous editions for even more WordPress news, trends, and updates. Keep an eye on this space for the most recent developments in the dynamic realm of web design and development. Stay inspired, stay innovative!

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