The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress and the fediverse

The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress and the fediverse

Welcome to this week’s edition of the EasyWP Dispatch. In this roundup, we explore the promising connection between WordPress and the fediverse. We also look at the most common security vulnerability exploited in WordPress and see examples of exceptional About Us pages you can use for inspiration. 

WordPress & the fediverse — an effective combo

The fediverse, short for “Federated Universe,” is a global network of interconnected platforms that share a standard set of protocols. It includes up-and-comers like Bluesky, Mastodon, and Threads, that allow people to interact and share content across various social networks. 

In September, we told you about the release of ActivityPub 1.0, which allows you to connect your website to the Fediverse. By installing and enabling this plugin, you open up your WordPress site to users of Mastodon and other social networks built on the ActivityPub protocol. 

A screenshot from the Friends plugin
Image source:

Now, Justin Pot from Lifehacker has completed a thorough experimentation and points out that you can also install the Friends plugin to turn your WordPress website into a complete ActivityPub social network. This plugin allows you to follow people back and interact with them within the Fediverse ecosystem. With the Friends plugin, you can engage with a broader community through your WordPress website and potentially build a bigger audience for your online content.

XSS vulnerabilities are still a major concern

When it comes to security flaws in WordPress, cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities are a top concern. Cyber Security News reports that XSS vulnerabilities accounted for over half of all security flaws discovered in WordPress. This number was much higher than in previous years when XSS vulnerabilities accounted for around 27% of all security breaches.

Data regarding WordPress vulnerabilities
Image source: Cyber Security News

Once injected, XSS code performs various malicious acts, such as redirecting traffic or stealing confidential data. So, WordPress users must choose their themes and plugins wisely and stay vigilant in applying security patches to protect their sites and users from potential problems.

Inspiring ‘About Us’ pages

The About Us page is a standard page of any website. It gives new visitors valuable information as they research your brand or content for the first time. Search Engine Journal recently found some exceptional designs to inspire your own page content.

An example of the 6sense about us page.
Image source: 6sense

One prime example they include is from 6sense, a data firm that showcases its brand growth through a carousel of award graphics and a comprehensive company timeline. This timeline highlights their product development since 2014. Additionally, they emphasize their core values of being data-obsessed, future-driven, and “always curious.” 

A screenshot from the Animal Rescue League of Boston website
Image source: Animal Rescue League of Boston

The Animal Rescue League of Boston tells a compelling About Us story, as well. The page features links to a timeline and photo collections that take users from the past to the present. Check out all 25 examples that can help create an About Us page that keeps people engaged on your site and then turns them into followers and fans.

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