12 engaging TikTok content tips for businesses

12 engaging TikTok content tips for businesses

TikTok is one platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially among younger audiences. With its vibrant community and viral content, TikTok offers small businesses a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers and grow their brand. This article will explore expert tips for creating engaging and shareable content on TikTok, helping your business thrive on this popular platform.

1. Understand the TikTok community

Before diving into creating content for TikTok, it’s essential to understand the platform’s community and its unique style. TikTok has its own language, trends, and features, making it stand out from other social media platforms. To create content that resonates with TikTok users, it’s crucial to lean into these elements and make videos that feel natural and seamless to the platform. When brands create TikTok-first ads, they catch the attention of 74% of viewers and drive 3.3x more action compared to other platforms.

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2. Leverage text overlays and creative cards

Text overlays and creative cards play a significant role in capturing viewers’ attention and making ads more likable. Creative attributes that encourage people to read increase view time and drive recall. When creating TikTok videos, don’t underestimate the power of text. You can even use the auto-captions feature to automatically add subtitles to your videos, making them more accessible to a wider audience.


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3. Partner with other creators

One of the easiest and most effective ways to create TikTok-first content is by partnering with other creators. These creators are natural storytellers and brand advocates, and the TikTok community trusts their opinions. The TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great resource for finding the right creator for your budget or campaign. By leveraging partnerships with creators, you can amplify your brand’s reach and connect with your target audience in an authentic and engaging way.

“TikTok creators are natural storytellers and brand advocates, and the TikTok community trusts the opinions of their peers.” – TikTok for Business


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4. Embrace trends

Trends play a significant role in the TikTok community, allowing brands to capitalize on popular storytelling templates created by users. Research shows that 77% of TikTok users appreciate it when brands use trends, memes, or challenges to create new content. You can connect with new customers and showcase your brand’s personality by participating in trends. Explore the Trends page on the TikTok Creative Center to discover what’s currently trending and how brands are tapping into cultural moments to garner billions of views and attract more TikTok followers.

5. Optimize content for TikTok’s unique features

When creating content for TikTok, it’s essential to optimize it for the platform’s unique features. Shoot your videos vertically, use high-resolution footage, and be mindful of the UI-friendly “safe space” to ensure your creative assets are efficient and visually appealing. Additionally, leverage editing techniques like music, transitions, movement, emojis, and branding to create interest, capture attention, and drive ad memorability.

6. Harness the power of storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful sales strategy for brands on TikTok. By grabbing users’ attention, conveying value, and driving action, a strong content structure will guide your audience through your ad and keep them engaged. A recommended three-part structure consists of a hook, body, and close. 

  • The hook should capture attention within the first six seconds
  • The body should pull the audience through the story with additive branding cues.
  • The close should end with a strong call to action to seal the deal with customers.
An infographic on TikTok hooks
Image source: TikTok

7. Create evergreen content for your website

While TikTok is a powerful platform for reaching new customers, it’s also essential to create evergreen content for your website. Evergreen content remains relevant and fresh to your customers regardless of when it was first published. By understanding your customers’ pain points and using relevant keywords, you can create educational and valuable articles that position you as an expert in your field. Concentrate on creating content clusters surrounding specific keywords to establish your website as an authoritative resource.

8. Re-interpret your blog content

Transforming a WordPress blog post into engaging video content requires selecting key points to form the video’s backbone but not scripting it verbatim. Employ visuals like images and infographics to enhance storytelling, keeping videos concise for sustained viewer engagement. Begin with a captivating hook, infuse your personality, and maintain a consistent visual style for branding. The goal is to convey your blog’s essence visually, complementing it rather than replicating it, to enhance audience engagement.

9. Master search engine optimization

To increase the visibility of your TikTok content and WordPress website, it’s crucial to understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). After all, in addition to being a social video platform, TikTok is a search engine. Research and identify relevant keywords related to your field and incorporate them into your content. You can improve your website’s ranking in organic search engine results by answering questions and providing valuable information that your customers are searching for. Additionally, consider building relationships with authoritative websites and securing external links to boost your website’s credibility.

10. Explore offline opportunities

Don’t limit your expert content to your website and TikTok. To reach a wider audience, look for opportunities to contribute to local publications, such as newspapers and magazines. Tailor your content to cater to the local audience, providing educational or informational pieces that resonate with them. Establish connections with journalists, trusted publications, and related websites through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Offer to write guest blog posts, get interviewed, or create educational content for similar websites, further solidifying your position as an expert in your field.

11. Stay attuned to customer voices

To sustain your expert status and keep your audience engaged, it’s crucial to stay attuned to your customers’ voices. Pay close attention to what your customers are saying about you on TikTok, and actively listen to their needs. Watch for emerging industry trends and keep a finger on the pulse of current events. Experiment with various content formats, including opinion pieces, how-to guides, listicles, and timely news-related pieces. By providing valuable insights and addressing your audience’s specific concerns, you can maintain engagement and solidify your position as an industry thought leader.


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12. Be confident and authentic

As an expert in your field, have confidence in your writing and the knowledge you have to share. Be authentic and true to yourself. Write what you know and continue educating yourself in your field to stay up-to-date with the latest information. Show empathy towards your audience and address their pain points. You can build trust and attract a loyal following by positioning yourself as a dependable resource and an authoritative voice.

Make your business a TikTok authority

Creating engaging TikTok content for small businesses requires a deep understanding of the platform, its unique features, and its community. You can effectively reach and engage with your target audience by leveraging text overlays, partnering with TikTok creators, embracing trends, optimizing content, harnessing storytelling techniques, and implementing SEO strategies. 

Remember to continuously generate new content ideas, maintain high-quality standards, and be confident and authentic in your writing. With these expert tips, your small business can thrive on TikTok and establish itself as a go-to expert in your field. And don’t forget to check out our blog post on the best TikTok plugins for WordPress to enhance your strategy even further.

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