The benefits of Namecheap’s Cloud hosting

The benefits of Namecheap’s Cloud hosting

Namecheap’s cloud infrastructure was designed specifically for the needs of a WordPress site. You’ll get the latest, true cloud technology and an entirely optimized experience for your site. Namecheap’s container technology allows your website to live and grow without interruptions, whether you’re a small business or a large agency. 

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that uses multiple servers connected to a cloud computing platform. This allows for resources to be accessed across multiple servers, providing more storage, bandwidth, and uptime. With cloud hosting, you can scale up or down as needed, making it an ideal solution for businesses that experience rapid growth or need to handle large amounts of data.

What are the benefits of using cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting offers a number of benefits, including increased uptime, increased scalability, and increased security. By using multiple servers, you can ensure that your website is always available and that you have enough resources to handle any sudden influx of traffic. Additionally, cloud hosting allows you to scale up or down as needed, meaning you only pay for the resources you need. Cloud hosting also gives you more security as your data is spread across multiple servers.

Are WordPress sites faster with cloud hosting?

We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind container-based hosting solution specifically for EasyWP. With container technology, your site is running in a secure environment, fully isolated from other website databases, with all the allocated resources required for optimal performance, including CPU, memory, and storage. In the unlikely event that a container fails, our system will automatically restore it within milliseconds. 

  • Best-in-class hardware
  • Professional server monitoring
  • Dedicated managed WordPress support team
Diagram explaining cloud hosting for WordPress

What infrastructure is Namecheap Cloud built on?

With advanced caching, you can make changes to your website without worrying about its performance. All of the sites we host are optimized for WordPress and come with a set-and-forget experience—no more downtime

Our infrastructure ensures caching on three levels:

  • HTTP content via Varnish
  • PHP requests vis OPcache
  • Database query results via Redis
Namecheap Cloud diagram with AMD Epyc processors

Does Namecheap cloud offer automated PHP and server updates?

Save time with automated PHP and web server updates so you can focus on the really important stuff. We test every new software version before rolling it out onto the Namecheap Cloud. With EasyWP, downtime due to software and server updates is kept to a minimum. 

  • Expert monitoring of new software updates
  • Thorough testing of PHP and server software prior to rollout
  • Automated updates once testing complete

Is cloud hosting easy to scale?

With an entirely optimized infrastructure for WordPress, your website can grow and scale without interruptions. Our new server hardware with fast SSD storage is designed to rapidly handle the current and future needs of both large and small sites.

Namecheap Cloud is built on physical hardware that enhances performance:

  • AMD Epyc processors
  • DDR4 RAM
  • NVMe-powered SSD storage

Is WordPress cloud hosting safe?

We know your WordPress website is a key component of your business, and protecting it with built-in DDoS protection is just one of the ways we make sure you’re protected. With EasyWP Cloud Hosting, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your account and website are safe, secure, and worry-free.

Diagram of Namecheap Cloud security features.

*We also recommend installing site-level DDoS protection services in case of an attack aimed at your website specifically.

Is WordPress cloud hosting faster?

We know that you have a business to run and that the last thing you need is for your website to go down. With EasyWP Cloud Hosting, your business will never be at the mercy of a faulty network infrastructure again. Our cloud servers are designed for reliability and protection from any unplanned hardware or WordPress software failures.

  • Efficient hardware design for performance, security, and redundancy. 
  • Rigorous protection from network outages and power outages.
  • Network monitoring of all hardware and software.

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