The EasyWP Dispatch – AI and the future of web design

The EasyWP Dispatch – AI and the future of web design

Welcome to this week’s edition of the EasyWP Dispatch, where we dive into the most recent developments shaping the world of web design and development. This time, we’ll explore the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into design processes, the evolving role of graphic designers in film promotion, and the distinction between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. From the collaborative potential of AI to the nuances of title design in Hollywood, join us as we uncover the latest trends and insights driving innovation in the digital landscape.

Shaping the future of web design with AI

A recent post on UX Planted reflects on the evolution of design, noting it’s remarkable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) marks the first new UI paradigm in over sixty years. As WordPress users become increasingly divided over Gutenberg, some fully embrace it while others dive into third-party addons like Elementor and Divi. The article’s author, Jas Deogan, points out that integrating AI into design processes isn’t just a technological leap — it’s an expansion of creative horizons, where AI serves as a collaborator rather than a competitor. 

A man talks with a robot

Jas goes on to state that through collaboration, designers harness AI’s computational power to enhance efficiency and enrich the creative process, paving the way for groundbreaking product innovations. Yet, this power comes with a responsibility to ensure ethical and inclusive design principles are upheld, championing accessibility and responsibility as we shape a future where design is more empathetic and revolutionary than ever before.

Should there be an Academy Award for movie title design?

As the landscape of film promotion evolves, the role of graphic designers in setting the tone through typography becomes increasingly crucial. Despite their impact on a film’s perception, there’s no recognition at the Oscars for “Outstanding Title Design.” Creativity website It’s Nice That, observes that creating film titles and posters is a nuanced and prolonged affair, much like a website, where designers play a pivotal role in conveying a movie’s essence to the audience. 

Three examples of title design from movies
Image source: It’s Nice That

While Hollywood’s marketing machine often dictates design decisions, some design relationships break through the siloed landscape, prioritizing singular design styles that resonate with audiences worldwide. Although an Academy Award for “Outstanding Title Design” may not be forthcoming, some industry professionals agree that highlighting the work’s function, its significance for the film industry, and acknowledging the effort invested are important.

UI vs. UX design: What’s the difference?

In the tech world, terms like User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are often used interchangeably, but they represent distinct aspects of product design. Education hub Coursera recently published an article that does a great job of outlining the differences between these two skill sets. UI focuses on visual elements like screens and icons, while UX encompasses the entire user interaction, including emotions and perceptions. 

A venn diagram explaining UI vs. UX
Image source:

Both UI and UX designers play critical roles in product development, with UX designers focusing on functionality and accessibility, and UI designers on visual appeal and navigation. While both fields offer rewarding careers, the choice between them depends on individual interests and goals, with options for further exploration through classes, blogs, and communities.

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