The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress trends and a security alert

The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress trends and a security alert

Get ready for this week’s EasyWP Dispatch, where we explore three key topics shaping the digital landscape. First, discover new, surprising tech trends in WordPress and beyond. Then, learn about urgent security advice for WordPress admins regarding miniOrange plugins. Finally, explore Figma CEO Dylan Field’s optimism about AI and the future of design. Read on for these insightful updates!

Surprising WordPress trends

WP Tavern recently posted a roundup of great statistics related to current WordPress trends and several other tech-related topics. Unsurprisingly, WordPress continues to dominate the web landscape, powering 46% of all websites and growing steadily since its inception in 2003. However, competitors like Drupal and Joomla have seen significant declines in market share since their peaks in 2015. 

WordPress faces tough competition from platforms like Squarespace and Wix, both showing consistent growth in usage over recent years. Hubspot’s Landing Page Builder, often used alongside WordPress, has seen a slight decline in usage but still holds a significant market share. In the realm of e-commerce, WooCommerce and Shopify continue to vie for the top spot, with both platforms boasting around 2.75 million websites, although Shopify’s usage has seen a decrease since 2022. Check out the full article to see even more statistics related to email platforms, PHP, and more. 

Security alert! Remove miniOrange plugins

WordPress administrators are urged to uninstall miniOrange’s Malware Scanner and Web Application Firewall plugins due to a critical security flaw, rated 9.8 out of 10 on the CVSS scoring system, according to The Hacker. Discovered by Stiofan, the flaw affects specific versions of the plugins, prompting their permanent closure by maintainers as of March 7, 2024. With over 10,000 active installs for Malware Scanner and more than 300 for Web Application Firewall, the vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to gain administrative privileges by manipulating user passwords, potentially leading to site compromise. 

A woman holds a shield next to the WordPress logo

This issue coincides with similar warnings about a flaw in the RegistrationMagic plugin, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in plugin management and security updates.

Figma boss is optimistic about AI

Figma CEO Dylan Field, in a live interview at SXSW, shares insights on Figma’s trajectory post-Adobe deal fallout and discusses pivotal themes like AI, web potential, and design trends. Despite challenges, Figma remains a cornerstone for designers globally, pioneering collaborative web-based design tools. 

Field’s optimism towards AI stems from its potential to enhance human creativity, counterbalancing concerns of job displacement, according to The Verge. Additionally, he emphasizes the enduring promise of the web amid evolving regulatory landscapes, foreseeing trends like “solarpunk” shaping design paradigms.

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