Free CDN for Turbo & Supersonic EasyWP Users!

Free CDN for Turbo & Supersonic EasyWP Users!

Are your visitors staring at a loading screen for more than 4 seconds? We hope not. 

We want people to access your content as quickly and as safely as possible— whether they’re browsing your content from Boston, or Bangkok. 

That’s why we’re delighted to announce our free content delivery network (CDN), to anyone who hosts their WordPress website with EasyWP Turbo or Supersonic plans, with a Namecheap domain. 

In terms of instant gratification, CDN is the best thing since broadband. 

This cutting-edge technology places your website content at multiple geographical locations all around the world. This way, pages load as quickly for site visitors in France as they do for people viewing from the United States. This rapid delivery benefits not only web pages, but HD videos, audio content like podcasts, games, interactive elements, apps, and more. 

As long as you have a site hosted by EasyWP with a Namecheap domain, you can take advantage of this incredible new feature.

EasyWP CDN at Your Service

We designed our professional CDN service for entrepreneurs and growing businesses⁠—the people who can genuinely benefit from a competitive edge. If you don’t have the time or the inclination for configuring servers to make your site run faster, leave it to us. Our CDN will see that it does.

With our free service, the process of scaling and accelerating your website has never been more straightforward or intuitive. You can add CDN to your domain in less than five minutes.

The Need for Speed

Improvements to site speed is the main reason people use a CDN. Anyone running a business using the internet will appreciate that shaving a few millimetres off page loading can make a big difference to their bottom line. For small business owners, slow load times can transpire into lost income.

People have short patience for slow loading web pages. It’s estimated that user experience isn’t the only thing affected by slow loading pages. Google is “obsessed with speed” ⁠— so much so that site speed, and as a result, page speed is a ranking signal.

What is even better for EasyWP customers, is that we already have the fastest WordPress hosting on the market. Combining EasyWP with your domain can make your site up to 68% faster! This is a fantastic opportunity to keep visitors happy, and retain your place in search engine results pages, for free.

A diagram shows how our free CDN creates faster connections for website users

This diagram shows how our free CDN creates faster connections for website users

Free for All EasyWP Users 

As mentioned, if you already take advantage of EasyWP hosting, then you can have immediate access to our CDN. Alternatively, If you have a WordPress site hosted by another service provider, you can use our free Migration Service to move your website to and take advantage of our free CDN. That’s right; you don’t need to have a Namecheap hosting product to use our CDN, it’s available for existing customers.

If you’re new to CDN  technology and want to appreciate how a CDN works, check out our guide, right here. For everyone else, let’s talk a little bit more about the benefits CDN can bring to your website:

Faster Access to Your Website

CDNs work by minimizing the distance between the content on your website and the end-user. Our CDN will store cached versions of your creative resources in locations all around the world. These are called Points of Presence or PoPs. 

When people in different countries and continents around the world attempt to access your content, Supersonic CDN will make sure to serve it from the closest Point of Presence. If you are a business owner based in the United Kingdom, and a user in Canada tries to access your website, our CDN network will pull a local version of your site, so the information doesn’t have to travel across the Western Hemisphere.

Enterprise-Level Content Delivery

Many of the biggest companies in the world today are already using content delivery networks, chiefly large retail companies that have a global presence. In the past, you needed deep pockets to service rich-media. Serving the same content without a CDN puts you at a significant disadvantage. During spikes in traffic, you’re more likely to experience a bottleneck that will affect the speed people can access your web pages.  

EasyWP wants you to have the same advantage as these giant corporations. Whether you publish a new lifestyle blog, sell artisan goods, or create valuable training videos, anyone can use CDN network technology to enhance the customer experience for everyone you serve.

Understand Your Customer CDN Analytics

Supersonic CDN includes real-time analytics. This interface gives you critical data on how users are accessing your content and allows you, the business owner, an opportunity to enhance their experience. All of the analytics are available to you on an easy to use dashboard. 

The CDN analytics dashboard is shown, where bandwidth and request information can be viewed.

The CDN analytics dashboard is shown, where bandwidth and request information can be viewed.

Next-Generation HTTP/2 Support

EasyWP is on a mission to speed up resources over the web for our users. Part of that job is offering next Generation HTTP/2 support for everyone. HTTP/2 is the new and improved version of the HTTP network protocol that makes apps faster, simpler, and more robust. 

With CDN from EasyWP,  you can get an optimized performance boost through HTTP/2. Essential features include speedier page load times and highly efficient compression, helping our CDN serve your content even faster.

Multiple Server Locations

CDN is a set of cached servers dotted around the world that quickly serves content based on the geographic location between the users requesting your content and the origin server. If you have your sights set on international growth, EasyWP CDN is a must.

With EasyWP’s content delivery network, you gain access to 45 high-performance server locations. Multiple servers storing your pages and projects are ready and waiting at nearby PoPs anytime a user calls for them.

Enhanced Security

Most major CDN’s consult automation tools and analytics that can identify and deter DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. DDoS protection helps stop hackers from trying to flood your applications with traffic maliciously. This shield gives you extra peace of mind that your website will be up and running for all visitors at any time of day.

Our free CDN comes with superior DDoS protection straight out of the box. With our optional CDN firewall, you can increase the security and performance of your site in a snap. From the firewall configurations available, you have full control of the level of DDoS configurations applied to your website and pages.

Full SSL Integration

Our CDN fully integrates with any SSL certificate, including DV, OV, and EV encryption. You never have to worry about compromising your website security or Google penalizing you in the rankings for an unencrypted site.

To use EasyWP CDN, you need an SSL certificate and EasyWP. If you’ve not set up with SSL, feel free to follow this guide to add SSL to your EasyWP site.

Hassle-Free Setup

EasyWP CDN is designed with simplicity in mind. Existing users can connect to EasyWP directly from their EasyWP dashboard. Select the Overview tab and click ‘Manage’ on the CDN button as illustrated below.

The EasyWP dashboard appears, showing how simple it is to manage a CDN.

The EasyWP dashboard appears, showing how simple it is to manage a CDN.     

This option redirects you to the Add new CDN plan menu, select the Free plan, and click  Continue to launch the confirmation page. Now follow these steps. 

  1. This final screen asks for permission to change the DNS records for your domain name.
  2. Now Click Confirm to finalize the installation. 
  3. Once the installation is complete, you’ll get a message ‘you have a new CDN website.’

Get More With EasyWP as Your CDN Provider

In the fast-paced environment operating a business online, every second counts. With CDN from EasyWP, visitors can access your pages in milliseconds, and you don’t need to take time out of running your business to get up and running. A few clicks is all it takes to, then leave it to us to send your site supersonic. 

At EasyWP, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. Unsatisfied with 45 servers and a multitude of perks to boot, our tech guys are on a mission to find new opportunities to deliver ever greater site performance for our users. Right now, they’re working on some fantastic bonus features soon to be released. In the very near future our CDN will include:

  • Global website performance monitoring
  • Web app firewalls for advance attack protection
  • Free Dedicated SSL for paid plans.

 The future’s bright with EasyWP CDN, and we’d love your website to join us.

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