Is EasyWP the fastest way to set up a WordPress website?

Is EasyWP the fastest way to set up a WordPress website?

It’s already been established that EasyWP is the fastest Managed WordPress host when it comes to Fully Loaded Time, Time to First Byte, and Price Per Month.

But what about how fast it actually takes to set up a WordPress website? I decided to put EasyWP to the test, alongside several Managed WordPress Hosting competitors, to see if we could also claim that we’re the fastest in terms of setup. 

In no particular order, they are as follows: BlueHost, Kinsta, FlyWheel, and WPEngine. And, to make things extra fair and square, I chose the starter/beginner monthly plan for each provider. 

Without further ado, let the speed test begin! 

EasyWP setup

On the EasyWP homepage, I first scrolled down to the different plans offered (Starter, Turbo, Supersonic) and chose the Starter plan, which is offered at $3.88 per month (the first month being only $1.00).

Example of EasyWP Starter Pricing

My next step? Naming my WordPress website.

The Name your Website screen from EasyWP

Here’s what I decided to name mine:

A completed version of the Name your Website tool

Now it’s time to choose my domain name (you can see it already filled it in with erins-musings):

The Choose a domain screen in EasyWP

Now I’m asked if I want certain plugins with my WordPress website: 

Options under Choose Plugins in EasyWP

Then I’m asked to confirm all my details: 

Screenshot of Review Details screen in EasyWP setup

As soon as I clicked on the “Continue” button, I set my timer and saw it only took 14 seconds with EasyWP to set up my WordPress website.

Screenshot from the EasyWP admin panel

BlueHost setup

Next up? BlueHost. 

The starter/beginner plan offered with BlueHost is called, “Build,” which starts at $19.95 per month.

Example of Bluehost Build pricing screen

After adding in my billing details (nope, I won’t be sharing those!) I was presented with this screen:

The domain setup screen from Bluehost

(I decided to skip this step and create a domain name later.)

Just like EasyWP, BlueHost gave me the prompt to name my website:

An empty Create a new WordPress site form from Bluehost

To keep things consistent across the board, you’ll see I went for the following:

The completed Create a new WordPress site form on Bluehost

After clicking the “Next” button, I received this message:

The message This may take a few minutes to load appears when setting up on Bluehost

Simultaneously setting my timer, I then received this message 20 seconds later:

A message from Bluehost stating WordPress has successfully installed

Kinsta setup

Third on my list? Setting up a website with Kinsta, another popular managed WordPress hosting provider. 

On their homepage, I took a look at all the plans offered and again, chose their “Starter” plan, which is offered at $30.00 per month. 

Example of Kinsta pricing

After providing my billing details and purchasing, I was presented with this screen: 

Welcome to MyKinsta screen

Clicking on “Get started,” the next screen gave me some more options. 

A Kinsta installation screen.

Naturally, I chose to “Install WordPress.” 

At the very bottom of this page came this prompt: 

Cancel and Add Site buttons

Once I clicked on “Add site,” I set my timer and began the waiting game. 

Almost 12 minutes later, I received this message: 

A WordPress setup screen

FlyWheel setup

Just like with all the other Managed WordPress hosts, I chose FlyWheel’s beginner plan, aptly-titled “Tiny.” This plan is offered at $15.00 per month. 

Example of Flywheel Pricing

Once I provided my billing details, I was prompted to enter in my website’s name (Erin’s Musings) as well as a temporary domain name, similar to EasyWP. 

A Flywheel installation screen

After filling in the necessary information, I set my timer when this screen popped up:

The waiting screen when a new site is being created on FlyWheel

I checked my email and noticed 4 minutes later that my WordPress website with FlyWheel had been created

WPEngine setup

Last, but not least, I set out to create a WordPress website with WPEngine, selecting the “Startup” plan offered, which is set at $30.00 per month. 

An example of WPEngine pricing

Again, after providing my billing details, I named my website (yes, Erin’s Musings): 

Add site popup window

Similar to the others, I was given the opportunity to name my environment with a domain. 

Add a production environment screen.

Just like FlyWheel, I was told I’d receive an email once my WordPress website had been created. Exactly 6 minutes later, I received this email:

A WP engine new site created notificaiton

The wrap-up 

Well, folks, the speed test winner is pretty clear. 

EasyWP is the fastest way to set up a WordPress website, clocking in at just 14 seconds, followed closely by BlueHost, which came in at 20 seconds.

As for the others? Kinsta ranked last with 12 minutes, whereas FlyWheel and WPEngine were neck-and-neck, at 4 minutes and 6 minutes, respectively. 

EasyWP speed comparison chart.

It’s also worth nothing here that EasyWP is also the cheapest, by far, amongst the aforementioned competitors. (EasyWP’s Starter plan is only $1.00 a month for the first month.) The others are considerably more expensive, with two (Kinsta and WPEngine) weighing in at $30.00 per month.

So why is EasyWP so cheap? It’s all thanks to its containerized cloud hosting platform. By using commodity hardware and open-source software, EasyWP delivers that “set-and-forget” cloud experience at a fraction of the competitor cost and with the least amount of time to get a WordPress website started.

It’s no wonder, then, why EasyWP currently powers over 100,000 websites – and counting. 

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