The EasyWP Dispatch – Navigating the Gutenberg conundrum

The EasyWP Dispatch – Navigating the Gutenberg conundrum

Welcome to another edition of EasyWP Dispatch, where we bring you the latest updates and insights from the world of WordPress and web design. This week, we delve into the ongoing challenges of Gutenberg, explore the vibrant world of illustrators, and uncover Google’s efforts to combat AI-powered search spam. So, let’s delve into the latest happenings in the realm of web design and WordPress development.

Navigating the response to Gutenberg

In a recent discussion between WordPress developers, agencies, and Gutenberg project leaders, the focus remained on the challenges surrounding the Gutenberg project’s Site Editor. WP Tavern reports that while Matt Mullenweg hinted that years of development are still ahead, user feedback remains critical. The FSE Outreach Experiment aims to bridge this gap, allowing core contributors to tag Outreach directly in GitHub for early community feedback. 

A woman adjusts Gutenberg blocks

Despite efforts to enhance communication, concerns linger over the disconnect between user experience and the project’s development trajectory. WordPress users are becoming increasingly divided over Gutenberg, with some embracing it fully while others choose to dive deeply into third-party addons like Elementor and Divi. 

Discovering fresh illustrator talent

Looking for a fresh perspective in illustration? Creative Boom recently put the spotlight on ten innovative illustrators from Asia, each offering a unique blend of styles and influences. From Amao’s captivating VR animations to Jazzy Yuan’s whimsical character designs and eight others, these artists are making waves globally. 

With clients like Apple, Google, and Gucci already recognizing their talent, it’s time to add these illustrators to your radar. All web designers can benefit by following these artists, both for inspiration and to better understand design trends and the future look of the internet. 

Google’s AI search spam update

This week, Google unveils efforts to combat AI-powered search spam with a core algorithm update aimed at reducing low-quality, unoriginal content. Acknowledging the impact of AI-generated junk on search results, Google aims to prioritize user experience by filtering out spammy content. However, Ars Technica notes that challenges persist as spammers evolve tactics, posing a continual battle for search relevance in the AI era. 

A man looks at his Google rankings

The last 12 months have been a rollercoaster for Google, whose leaders see the need to invest in AI while understanding that the technology they are creating is at the same time has the potential to make their traditional search platform obsolete. 

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