The EasyWP Dispatch – Security, site editing, and creativity

The EasyWP Dispatch – Security, site editing, and creativity

Welcome to the latest EasyWP Dispatch news roundup! This week, we cover security updates from the WordPress community, a list of top full-site editing themes, and a discussion on how Canva has influenced graphic design careers. From addressing security vulnerabilities to empowering users with design tools and insights, we bring you a diverse range of topics to enhance your WordPress experience and creative endeavors. 

Let’s dive in.

SiteOrigin Widgets plugin vulnerability affects over 600,000 

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle WordPress plugin, with over 600,000 installations, recently patched an authenticated stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, according to the Search Engine Journal. This flaw could allow attackers to upload arbitrary files and expose site visitors to malicious scripts. Stored XSS vulnerabilities are particularly concerning as they enable attackers to inject harmful code directly into a website, potentially affecting multiple users. 

A woman stands next to a security shield and the WordPress logo.

WordPress users are advised to update the plugin to the latest version, 1.58.5, to mitigate this vulnerability. Ensuring prompt updates and robust security measures is crucial to safeguarding websites against potential threats and maintaining a secure online presence.

The best full-site editing themes for 2024

WordPress is embracing modernity with its Full Site Editing (FSE) feature, offering users unprecedented control over website customization. FSE themes empower users to customize every aspect of their website theme using block-based editing interfaces, ushering in a new era of flexibility and creativity. WordPress theme maker Laborator recently highlighted ten of the best FSE themes for 2024, including Pria, Tove, Aino, Blockbase, Clove, Makoney, Twenty Twenty Four, Bai, Kiyono, and Frost. 

Examples of three WordPress themes over a purple background
Image source: Laborator

Each theme offers unique features and customization options, promising endless possibilities for WordPress users seeking to elevate their web presence. Check out the full roundup

How Canva is democratizing design

From its humble beginnings to becoming a global phenomenon, Canva has democratized design with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of assets, empowering users of all skill levels to create compelling visuals effortlessly. A recent post by Narendhranath M. on LinkedIn observes that, as Canva continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it’s reshaping the graphic design landscape, inspiring millions worldwide to unleash their creativity. A discussion on Reddit also explores how Canva has influenced individuals’ paths into graphic design careers. 

byu/NollieDesign from discussion

One user credits Canva’s intuitive interface for sparking their interest in design, with some transitioning to more advanced tools like Adobe Creative Cloud. Canva’s accessibility and ease of use serve as a gateway to the world of graphic design, nurturing creativity and providing a platform for learning fundamental design principles. Whether users continue using Canva or explore other software options, the platform’s impact on their design journey remains significant. 

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