The EasyWP Dispatch – WordPress gets ready for a new year

The EasyWP Dispatch - WordPress gets ready for a new year

Welcome to this week’s EasyWP Dispatch, your source for the latest insights in the world of WordPress and design. In this edition, we dive into the 2023 State of the Word, where WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg unveiled exciting developments and future prospects. We also bring you a groundbreaking integration as Astra Starter Templates teams up with ZipWP AI website builder, simplifying website creation. Additionally, we explore Figma’s hardware debut with the Figma Creator Micro, a compact mechanical keyboard designed to boost design efficiency.

WordPress State of the Word 2023

The 2023 State of the Word, presented by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, provided an insightful review of the past year’s accomplishments and an exciting glimpse into the platform’s future. Held in Madrid, Spain, this event marked the first time the State of the Word ventured beyond North America, emphasizing Madrid’s significance in the WordPress project. The event showcased WordPress’s impressive growth, with a record-breaking 70 WordCamps spanning 33 countries and a surge in new contributors totaling 1,339. Mullenweg highlighted the relaunch of WordPress Showcase, featuring high-profile websites like and, demonstrating the platform’s versatility and security.

View from the audiences at State of the Word 2023
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The keynote also introduced innovative developments, such as the 2024 WordPress theme, integrating over 35 built-in patterns for Gutenberg. Matt Mullenweg emphasized the platform’s ongoing evolution, with Phase 3 focusing on real-time collaboration and Phase 4 set to break language barriers with multilingual development. Additional improvements included enhanced writing flow, user-friendly UI, a performance boost for the WordPress editor, the Interactivity API for dynamic content, and data liberation tools. The Q&A session provided valuable insights into monetization strategies, ActivityPub integration, and the potential role of AI in WordPress’s future. Check out a full recap of the presentation on the Namecheap blog, and get a link to the full video. 

New ZipWP AI integration with Astra Starter Templates

In a game-changing move, Astra Starter Templates by Brainstorm Force, a WordPress theme with over one million active installations, has unveiled the integration of ZipWP AI website builder. Search Engine Journal reports this integration empowers users to effortlessly create entire websites, complete with content and images. With a vast library boasting over 280 customizable website templates, Astra Starter Templates simplifies the process of crafting professional-looking websites. 

Examples of ZipWP templages
Image source: ZipWP Website

Unlike traditional methods that require a learning curve, the ZipWP integration brings the ease of closed-source web design to the open-source WordPress ecosystem. ZipWP leverages artificial intelligence to enable users, regardless of coding or technical skills, to swiftly generate functional WordPress websites, claiming it can create an entire site in just sixty seconds. For power users, the premium version offers site builders the ability to launch ten websites per day.

Figma’s interesting new macro pad

Design software giant Figma is making waves in the hardware world by launching its first dedicated piece of equipment, the Figma Creator Micro. The Verge reports this compact mechanical keyboard, often called a macro pad, boasts 12 keys and two dials tailored to provide quick access to Figma’s most commonly used tools and shortcuts. Priced at $139 and available for preorder, the Creator Micro is set to ship in the first half of the coming year.

Photo of Figma's new macro pad
Image source: Figma

This isn’t merely a rebranded version of an existing product; Figma has partnered with Work Louder to optimize the Creator Micro with preconfigured Figma shortcuts. It streamlines tasks like object alignment, shape creation, and organizing layers, enhancing the user experience. Although designed for Figma, the Creator Micro can be customized to work with other software, making it a versatile tool for designers seeking efficiency and ease of use.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of The EasyWP Dispatch. If you found these insights valuable, be sure to delve into our archive of previous editions for even more WordPress news, trends, and updates. Keep an eye on this space for the most recent developments in the dynamic realm of web design and development. Stay inspired, stay innovative!

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