The EasyWP Dispatch – Design predictions for 2024

The EasyWP Dispatch – Design predictions for 2024

It’s time to unwrap this week’s EasyWP Dispatch for an insightful journey across the tech landscape. Take a merry stroll through the tech landscape as we unveil a sneak peek into the graphic design trends set to define 2024, offering innovation and responsible design. Explore the nuanced strategies that contribute to developer happiness, going beyond monetary rewards and fostering thriving teams. Then, discover the concerning rise of phishing attacks exploiting Google Ads, exemplified by a recent incident at WordPress hosting provider Kinsta. 

2024 graphic design trend predictions

Get ready for 2024 with a sneak peek into the graphic design trends that are poised to define the year, according to Creative Bloq. As technology continues to advance rapidly and the world grapples with uncertainty, the graphic design landscape is set to offer a diverse array of styles and approaches. 

Image source: Pantone

From the resurgence of cartoons and the integration of artificial intelligence in design to a return to hand-drawn elements and the embrace of retro aesthetics, designers are poised to create innovative and bold visuals. Additionally, expect to see a focus on responsible design, greater interactivity, typography-driven branding, vibrant color palettes, and the continued rise of 3D design. Explore the full article of industry experts’ predictions and get ready to embrace the dynamic and ever-evolving world of graphic design in 2024.

Secrets to developer happiness

In the ever-competitive field of software development, it’s no longer just the allure of a six-figure paycheck that keeps developers engaged and content at work. To truly foster a thriving and satisfied development team, it requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond monetary compensation. A recent article from InfoWorld explores insights gathered from industry experts and developers, shedding light on nine factors contributing to developer happiness in the workplace.

A WordPress developer sits at her desk.

One key factor mentioned is the appeal of challenging projects. Developers thrive when presented with intellectually stimulating tasks that require the application of their skills and creativity to solve complex problems. Engaging work keeps them motivated and content, leading to a more productive environment. Flexibility also plays a pivotal role, according to this list. Developers cherish autonomy over their work and value the option to work in ways that align with their productivity patterns. A flexible work environment, which includes opportunities for remote work or flexible hours, is highly sought after and enhances job satisfaction.

Google Ads exploited in Kinsta phishing attacks

In a concerning turn of events, WordPress hosting provider Kinsta has warned its customers about phishing attacks that employ Google ads as a malicious tool. The attacks are specifically designed to pilfer login credentials for MyKinsta, a critical service offered by Kinsta for managing WordPress and cloud-based applications.

According to Bleeping Computer, the phishing perpetrators strategically leverage Google Ads, targeting individuals who have previously visited official Kinsta websites. They create deceptive sponsored websites closely mimicking Kinsta’s official site, thereby deceiving users into clicking on them. 

A man in a hoodie holds a laptop computer.

This incident underscores a growing trend where malicious actors exploit Google Ads for phishing purposes. All WordPress users are advised to exercise caution and remain wary of deceptive ads, reaffirming the importance of robust cybersecurity practices in an increasingly perilous digital landscape.

We would like to wish all our readers a joyous and safe holiday! We hope you’ll continue following us throughout the coming year for our weekly roundup of WordPress news. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with The EasyWP Dispatch, where we bring you the latest trends, tools, and topics in technology.

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