7 best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

7 best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

When WordPress launched way back in 2003 its basic features allowed users to do little more than throw up a blog or two. Today, the free, open-source software has transformed into arguably the most powerful tool on the Internet for creating fully functional and dynamic websites, as well as supporting over 70,000 plugins.  

Gutenberg blocks, first introduced in WordPress 5.0, is arguably the most significant change to WordPress since its original release, offering a library of user-friendly content blocks for website creators.

So what makes these Gutenberg blocks so special? Simply put, it makes designing your website that much easier. You add each chunk of content to its own block, customize the block’s options, and arrange them in any way you like. You can drag blocks up and down to re-order them, change each block’s size and alignment, and more.  

However, the standard set of blocks WordPress offers is just the beginning. Now, with growing support, an entire suite of Gutenberg block WordPress plugins is emerging. 

What are the two types of Gutenberg blocks plugins? 

Before deciding what Gutenberg block plugins to install, you first need to know about the two types that are available. 

Single-purpose Gutenberg block plugins

These transform the best WordPress plugins out there into single-purpose Gutenberg blocks. Need to create a contact form? WPForms block (based on WPForms) lets you easily add one using the Gutenberg editor. 

Gutenberg block libraries

If you’re looking for something less specific, and need blocks for multiple use-case, block libraries may be more ideal for your needs. These include various content elements which are bundled into a single plugin. Our first WordPress plugin, Kadence Blocks, is a good example with blocks to create a table of contents, testimonials, countdowns, and more.  

A person decides between two blocks plugins

So, now that you’re familiar with the two different options, let’s explore 7 of the best Gutenberg block plugins for WordPress.   

1. Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks is an incredibly popular Gutenberg plugin with various features and customization options. It offers powerful, flexible control over your WordPress website with advanced styling options to help you create something truly stunning.

Build your site effortlessly 

  • Create any number of layout grids and columns
  • Includes Lottie animation with control over speed and loops
  • A pre-made blocks library to help build your site quickly and effortlessly with drag and drop
  • Add custom blocks for a table of contents, testimonials, countdowns, form builders, advanced texts, and more
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

2. Qi Blocks

As we’ve mentioned, there are two types of Gutenberg plugins: single-purpose block plugins and Gutenberg block libraries. Qi Blocks nails the latter, with a comprehensive collection of custom, highly flexible blocks that add seamless functionality to any WordPress site. 

The welcome page after Qi blocks is installed.

Non-stop customization 

  • Over 80 blocks (48 free blocks and 33 premium) with unparalleled customization options
  • Blocks are spread over 9 different categories for a smooth user experience, including WooCommerce, SEO, and Form Style blocks
  • High design standards to impress your web page visitors
  • Includes a collection of exclusive pre-designed demos, patterns, and templates

3. Spectra Blocks

Spectra Blocks offer a range of unique and responsive blocks. It’s one of the best WordPress plugins to help you create a web page or post without using a single line of code.

The Spectra Blocks plugin is used to create a website

A block for every need

  • Offers over 30 Gutenberg WordPress blocks, including price, how-to, FAQ, and testimonial blocks – great for small businesses
  • Includes over 75 plugins and play website demos for any niche 
  • Seamlessly copy and paste styles from one block to another
  • Add custom styles to forms created with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms
  • Distinctive call-to-action buttons designed to stand out and increase your conversions
  • Easy-to-use interface

4. Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a powerful plugin that’s become the go-to for creating genuinely stunning website designs. From full-page layouts to customizable page sections designed for speed and increased engagement – Genesis Blocks is an excellent plugin for bloggers.

The WordPress dashboard view with Genesis Blocks plugin installed.

Propel your creative process 

  • A collection of 15 pre-designed premium blocks to help you create attractive pages and posts
  • Includes layout and section blocks to maximize workflow and ramp up the creation process 
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy to add blocks to your pages and posts
  • Fully customizable blocks – change webpage colors, fonts, and other styles to match your overall website design and branding

5. Stackable Blogs

Built for performance, Stackable Blogs is a lightweight, powerful Gutenberg WordPress plugin that transforms the Gutenberg editor into a responsive page builder. The plugin contains a wide-ranging user interface that lets you create a slick website design.

The homepage of the Stackable Blogs plugin website

Experiment with eye-catching effects

  • Includes ready-made designs and 37 UI kits
  • 39 (and counting) flexible custom blocks that include layouts, buttons, video popups and call-to-actions
  • Integration with third-party plugins such as Toolset, Blocksy, Google Fonts, WPML, Font Awesome and ACF Blocks
  • Fast page loading time with zero bloat, no JQuery, and loads only the smallest CSS and JS files possible
  • Offers an extensive range of eye-catching effects and backgrounds, including gradient background effects, video backgrounds and fixed images

6. JetFormBuilder Blocks

A functional yet easy-to-use form builder plugin, JetFormBuilder allows you to create, edit, and style advanced form types in the Gutenberg block editor.

Appointment settings inside the JetFormBuilder plugin

Integrate your favorite payment methods

  • Offers 18 field types, including form break, heading, media, time, and data
  • 11 post submit actions: update user, redirect to page and send mail
  • Multi-step form
  • Calculated field
  • Hidden fields
  • Integrated payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe and WooCommerce checkout

7. PostX

Revolutionizing the WordPress experience by leveraging the Gutenberg editor’s potential, PostX enables you to construct dynamic websites easily. As the number one Gutenberg dynamic site builder plugin, PostX offers unparalleled design flexibility, simplified workflows, and enhanced content management features.

Unmatched customization

  • Ready-made blocks for endless customization
  • Multipurpose starter packs for chefs, news reporters, and many more!
  • Intuitive drag & drop interface
  • Advanced query building 
  • AJAX filtering and pagination
  • Table of contents addon 
  • Advanced category settings

Create a dynamic website with Gutenberg blocks 

Before Gutenberg blocks, creating a dynamic and visually pleasing website in the WordPress classic editor was a challenging task, especially for non-techies. Today, with a wealth of options to create visually stunning posts and pages – the Gutenberg block editor has become a game-changer in the world of WordPress.

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